The Granary

Chas. Golbourn and Co

Another old Canvey building  ‘The Granary’ in the High Street. Don’t know how long it has been there but I understand it might not be there much longer, or has it gone already?

In these photos it was run/owned by Chas. Golbourn and Co. We do not know much about Charles Henry Golbourn. He lived with his wife Alice (nee Nuttall)at the Granary from at least 1925/6. Charles was from Walthamstow born in 1878 and married his wife in 1912. Alice, born 1888, was one of Canvey’s Nuttall family. The couple are recorded as living at Canvey Lodge in the Electoral Roll in 1918, and it is at the Canvey Lodge that Charles is recorded as running a Greengrocers in the 1922 Kelly’s Directory before moving onto the Granary by 1925. They were still there, according to Kelly’s directory in 1933. Charle’s wife Alice died aged 51 in 1939. They were living in Pitsea at that time. Charles died in 1960.

Can anyone tell us about the Granary? Please comment below.

Street view

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  • The 3rd photo of the Granary is the image I have in my mind from childhood even then, in the 50s it’s function was as described with open bins of corn, meal, pigeon food etc. I’m afraid I can’t recall who the owners were then. With regard to the Goldbourns, do you have any record of any offspring Jan, only a Charlie Goldbourn was a contemporary of my Dad’s. I think Dad used to say he was a best mate from schooldays in the 20s. I remember him from the 50/60s, he was in the building trade, a big cheerful bloke with curly brown hair usually wearing paint-spattered overalls and sometimes riding a bike.

    By Graham Stevens (12/12/2014)
  • Read the name again Graham there is no ‘d’ it is Golbourn. I do not know of any offspring.

    By Janet Penn (12/12/2014)
  • OK Jan, Point taken, I do seem to have added an unnecessary ‘d’ to the the name but as my knowledge was from a purely aural source it is still quite likely that the guy’s name was Golbourn.

    By Graham Stevens (12/12/2014)
  • Ah-ha, the Archive has provided the answer to this mystery. In one of the most recent ‘What’s new’ pages in an old Echo article with a photo of pupils from the Canvey Elementary School in the 1920s my Dad is commenting about his best mate CHARLIE GOLDBORNE. Hence the confusion! There he is standing right next to him, you couldn’t make a mistake with that mop of hair- it was still the same in the 1960s.

    By Graham Stevens (07/07/2020)
  • Tracking down some family history, I have come across the article on the Granary, it’s a possibility that Charles Henry Golbourn who m= Alice Nuttall in 1912 and ran The Granary had sons, Charles and twin boys Henry and Leonard Golbourn.
    If I am on the right track, I believe the twin boys ended up in the area of Brentwood.
    Charles Henry Golbourn came from Walthamstow, he was the youngest son of Samuel John Golbourn and Emma Durbidge. His siblings were Eliza Maria, Lydia E, Samuel John, Emma, William George and Alfred James who was my grandfather.
    In tracking down the Golbourn family, I have come across a variety of spellings for the name, Golburn, Goldbourn, Goldbourne, obviously due to the competence of the person who was filling in forms.

    By Sandra (10/12/2020)

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