Flooded Canvey From the Air

New pictures

By Janet Penn

Britain from above.

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Photo:Sunken Marsh Hoppet Cottage
Photo:Sunken Marsh
Photo:Sunken Marsh, Hoppet Cottage
Photo:Sunken Marsh, Hoppet Cottage
Photo:Strasbourg and Brandenburg Rds
Photo:Sunken Marsh from the NE
Photo:Sunken Marsh, Whernside Ave
Photo:Crescent Road
Photo:Furtherwick Rd, St Georges PF
Photo:From the East
Photo:Leige Ave, Papenburg Rd
Photo:Long Road
Photo:Long Rd from SE
Photo:Somnes Ave, Papenburg Rd
Photo:Terschellling and Somnes Aves
Photo:Parkway and Driveway
Photo:Leigh Beck
Photo:Tewkes Creek
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