Nevada Road Area after the Flood

Never seen before photos

Map of the Navada Road Area

The photos in the gallery below are from Malcolm Pulham.

They were taken in the Nevada Road area after the flood, when the water had gone and showing the devastation left in its wake.

The photos have never been seen before.

We take this opportunity of the 61st Anniversary to show them to you.

Please click on the photos in the gallery to see them close up.

The same area under water

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  • Thank you Janet, for publishing these important photos. They are a stunning reminder of the scenes facing so many of our Canvey residents in the days following that dreadful flood. My job at that time took me into many homes that were left in these conditions. The clean-up was a horrendous task for all involved. I will think about those days,weeks and months after the flood and remember the challenges that Canvey Islanders dealt with. As the anniversary comes and passes we must remember all who were lost and pay tribute to all Islanders of that period

    By Gerald Hudson (01/02/2014)
  • A page will be published shortly following the unveiling of the flood plaque at Jotmans Cemetery. Lovely service and reception afterwards. As soon as I get the pictures I will put them on.

    By Janet Penn (01/02/2014)
  • My aunt (Joan)and her family were sat on the roof of there bungalow over night to escape the flood till they were rescued was over the way from the dutch cottages

    By ernie king (22/10/2014)

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