Where are these photos taken?


Checking a bag? Chamberlain Avenue
Chamberlain Ave as it is today
Clearing debris?

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  • The top photo looks like Chamberlain Avenue and the bungalow is number four where we live now.

    By John Buckmaster (27/01/2013)
  • Thanks John

    By Janet Penn (27/01/2013)
  • Looking at the photos again the other bungalow looks like the one across the road to ours.

    By John Buckmaster (28/01/2013)
  • Hi John, My mum, dad sister and I moved into 4, Chamberlain Avenue in 1952 and were consequently living there at the time of the flood when the top picture was taken. My sister Gilda and I returned home with our friend Colin Norrington from the pictures on that Saturday, and Colin said he thought the sea wall might give way. My dad didn’t believe him and sent him packing! He returned within 15 minutes and warned my dad that as he’d walked home, he’d found himself up to his knees in water and that the sea had breached the sea wall and was starting to flood the island. We were then able to walk to the top of Chamberlain Avenue as it was still dry then, and there we found a fire truck which I got into and it took me to Benfleet school. Colin tried to walk back, but had to swim as the water had reached our house by the. He helped haul my mum, dad and sister up into the loft of number 4 where they stayed till a boat paddled in and rescued them. Nice to see the old home looking so good. I hope you and you family are as happy in that little house as we were!

    By Jean Barsby (03/02/2013)
  • Hello Jean,My wife and I moved into number 4 in 93.It was in a bit of a state by then.But after a bit of work we’ve got it how we wanted to.Being an old Canvey boy it was what I always wanted an old Canvey bungalow.All the best John.

    By John Buckmaster (04/02/2013)

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