Looking North

Where on Canvey is this?

This photo is looking north possibly North West towards the mainland which can be seen in the background.

There is a distinctive building in the middle background which I have enlarged.

If you think you know where this was taken please comment below.

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  • This is the end of Mornington Rd(where the roundabout is now). The bungalow in partial view on the left belonged to the Tibbles family and I think is still there and still in family ownership. The bungalow in full shot was the home of the Wright family. Actually if you look to the right you can see the counter-wall with the higher floodwater retained behind it. It’s possible this photo was taken on the Sunday morning, as John Wright told me last year that as the floodwater had subsided below the floorboards they started clearing up and chucking things out and put the gas on until the soldiers told them that they’d have to evacuate as the next tide was imminent and when it came over the counterwall it would be very deep again. As we know, it did and it was.

    By Graham Stevens (09/05/2014)

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