Three new aerial photos

Around Newlands

Overlooking Sunken Marsh/Newlands with Smallgains Creek running left to right across about two thirds up the picture and the Thames in the distance
Kellington Road is running this side of the wall left to right and Dovervelt Road to the right of the inner wall left of the picture
Top of the picture is the wall at the end of Brandenburgh and Tewkes Creek

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  • Picture 1 shows our Houseboat the tallest in the top right hand corner moored behind an unoccupied Thames Barge. Picture 2 middle centre point is near where the Tewkes Creek Dam is, to the right of the lower wall which shows water flowing over is now Dovervelt Road. Picture 3 is Newlands which I think is a little further east from picture 2

    By Mike Brown (23/02/2013)
  • Mr Kars Peuin.known as the dutchman lived with his wife in the house boat north of Kellington Rd, left side of middle picture

    By I Norrington. (24/02/2013)
  • Hello I knew Mr Pruin and his family and was a friend of his son, also called Kars. They later lived at Thisselt road and then Roosevel ave. Sadly young Kars was killed in a motorbike accidend in 1961 or 62. Regards Sparrow.

    By sparrow (25/02/2013)
  • The bungalow nearest the sea wall in the centre front of the top photo belonged to my grandparents William (Bill) and Louisa (Louie) Whitehead, they lived at the bottom of Landsburg Road, my late mother, Norma Lewin, saw the water coming over the sea wall from her bedroom, woke her parents who then all went to  Louie’s sisters bungalow (in photo, front of picture left) Doris and Roland Day. By the time they got there and raised the alarm the water was then too deep for them to return home and they lost everything.

    By Kim Thompson (09/03/2015)
  • My parents owned Vange houseboat which was moored near to the Browns houseboat. I wasn’t born until three years after the flood but my brother would have been about 11 or 12 at the time. He told me that to him it was a great adventure! My dad helped with rescuing people from nearby bungalows and took them to the safety of our houseboat where mum made them tea and gave them blankets. My family were eventually made to evacuate the Island by the army and went to stay with my uncle and aunt in Wickford.

    By Patricia Al Yousef (Nolson) (16/12/2019)

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