Fletchers and Shillums

Flood 1953

Another view of Fletchers and Shillum the Grocers.

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  • Seeing this photo of Shillum’s brought back memories of Mr and Mrs Shillum and their son Edwin who were wholesale customers of the bakery for many years, probably from the late 40s to the early 70s.

    It might seem a rather trivial fact but an indication how shopping habits have changed, in the early 60s, every Wednesday we used to make a special delivery of freshly baked macaroon tarts (still warm and made from the personal recipe of our pastrycook, Eddy Hall, not the pre-mix paste flat efforts available today) to our corner shop customers.

    Shillums always had 7doz (84) and would ring up in a panic if they thought they were late. They’d sell them within a couple of hours and Mr Yanover at Clifton Stores across the road sold almost as many.

    By Graham Stevens (16/08/2013)
  • Edwin shillum lived in the house I now live, in Woodbrooke way old corringham, he had a grocers in this same road.

    By Mick (12/12/2023)

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