Old pictures of Canvey Beach

Found online

Found these photos online at http://picasaweb.google.com/floodgatei/OldFamilyPhotosOnLine#

One says ‘George with parents. Canvey Island’ The other one has no title but looks like Canvey Beach to me.

No way of contacting ‘Ian’ the contributor.

Does anyone know who these people are?

If anyone can help please make a comment below or email in.

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  • The possibilities of the new technology. It’s both a privilege and a sad reminder looking at the past of several generations of a family like that, even though they’re practically anonymous. Maybe that makes it even more poignant. I looked up the address you gave, Janet, and there are still more Canvey pictures among them. (I like the picture with the elderly chap on top of the wall.) Even among the few captions there is information and a stark reminder that ‘The Good Old Days’ weren’t always that good. Note the comment about the lady with TB… One wonders what happened to them all? Looks like they only came to Canvey on holiday.

    By Robert Hallmann (16/05/2009)
  • Thanks Robert I did not notice the others. Found two more and have copied them here. Not sure there are any more

    By Janet Penn (16/05/2009)

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