Travellers Hall

Same place as Travellers Rest??

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  • Yep. Most definitely the Traveller’s Rest, the frontage only really changed when the dyke was filled in(probably late 60s). Even then if you went round the back you could still see the concrete blocks it stood on.

    By Graham Stevens (15/11/2013)
  • My sister Wendy and me lived here from 1945 to 1949 with our parents George and Ivy who ran it as a restaurant. Lill Sides was the waitress and Mrs Monday the cook. I remember crawling under the veranda searching for coins that the patrons may have dropped whilst putting their change away. I taught myself to swim in Small Gains creek, happy days.

    By John Devonald (15/08/2017)
  • When my grandparents had a caravan on Thorney Bay during the 1960s we used to have Sunday lunch at the Travellers Rest; it is just how I remember it in this photograph.

    By Brian L (02/05/2023)
  • I have a photo of my grandmother sitting in my grandfather’s car, parked outside this building in about 1931/32. I always thought it was canvey island. Great to see!

    By Andy Dellar (20/03/2024)
  • We would love a copy Andy

    By Janet Penn (20/03/2024)

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