Storm Flooding

Canvey Storm Flood Pictures

Oysterfleet Pub
Lakeside Path
This is central wall cottages
Eldertree Road

What year was this ? (i think it was about 1972/3)

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  • These are great! I see the Oysterfleet Pub and Lakeside Path, any ideas where the other two photos are?

    By David Bullock (23/03/2010)
  • the 3rd picture is central wall cottages

    By Darryl Hoad (23/03/2010)
  • the 4th picture was eldertree road

    By Darryl Hoad (23/03/2010)
  • The woman in the picture of the Oysterfleet looks like Rose Sanders (Buckmaster) I can’t see the man clearly but it could be Mick Sanders.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (24/03/2010)
  • Was this not around 1970/71 I remember Rainbow Rd/Chamberlain Ave being flooded on my way to School.

    By Jan ilston (27/09/2010)

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