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My mother on the porch of Fairview Delgada Road with Fred & Flo Cooper (circa 1948)

The memories of Fairview were somewhat limited then, the strange little shed that I found out to be a chemical toilet which I had never seen before coming from Chelmsford. I was never keen visiting that little outbuilding.

Many years later when both Fred and Flo had passed away I accompanied my grandmother on the bus to Canvey, I don`t think it was a direct ride and I am sure we changed at Southend (I may be wrong).

The light inside the property was not great as all the blinds as seen in the photograph were pulled down and it seemed quite eerie.

In the roof loft there was lots of old books and annuals which must have been quite old as they did not have any children of their own.

My mother on the porch of Fairview Delgada Road with her uncle Fred

Unfortunately that generation of family did not always appreciate the potential value of antiques / collectables like we do now. Fairview was sold and most probably the ground was developed as the property sat in the middle of the plot of land.

Unfortunately I do not know the number of the property so I do not know its specific location.

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  • Hi Paul. I lived in Delgada Road from 1946 till 1968. My parents till they died in 1987. Although I do t remember the house or name I remember the property bring there surrounded by tall grasses. The property was at the bottom of the road on the right hand side. My sister Sheila remembers the house and grasses also Mr and Mrs Cooper. There were just 7 properties down there at the time. i am not sure when Fairview was knocked down but two new houses were built on the plot in 1968/69, I know this for sure as the builder backed his truck into my husbands car, which was parked on the opposite side of the road to the building site. When I got married in 1968 I lived in a bungalow that had a rear access into the bottom of Delgada Road right next to Fairview. It’s a pity you don’t know where you stayed on your visit to Canvey, it may have been the holiday bungalow next to us as we used to look forward to the regular holidaymakers coming down to stay.

    By Joan liddiard (09/10/2015)

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