Canvey Front, in the 30s

Tea shop at Pavilion Jetty

The photograph was taken, some time in the 1930s.  My Great Aunt and Uncle are the couple in the centre of the picture.  They lived in a timber Bungalow in Maurice Road. My Great Uncle died in 1950, and my Great Aunt was rescued from the 53 floods, but never returned to Canvey.

She was my father’s mothers sister, but I can’t remember her names.

Any help with their names or the exact location of the shop would be appreciated.

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  • If you do not already know it you will need to find out your grandmothers maiden name then find her in the census and her sister too. Find her sisters marriage then you will have her married name. If you need help let me know I love doing family history.

    By Janet Penn (06/11/2011)
  • The Pavilion was on the east side of May Ave opp Andrews Amusements, Uncle Tom’s Cabin etc, it is now the site of the Windjammer pub. Therefore the jetty referred to is one of those constructed on what is now known as Concord Beach. In fact we have a photo on the Archive of the jetty, with name attached, submitted by John Davis(mud football), the elevations are a bit difficult to grasp but I believe you can see parts of the kiosks up on top of the seawall appx where the Concord Cafe is now.

    By Graham Stevens (08/11/2011)
  • Just wondering do you have any other maps like this showing the piped dykes please

    By Scott Gunner (18/01/2014)
  • No sorry we do not

    By Janet Penn (18/01/2014)

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