Wick Cottage

in the 1960s

Wick Cottage c1961

My great aunt Edith Green used to live in the middle cottage (there were three of these cottage on Fielder’s Zeeland Estate), it was called Wick Cottage then and my brother and I have wonderful memories of visiting her many times.

The cottage was really snug and I well remember the curved staircase and the lovely coal fire in the tiny curved sitting room. The road was never made up and left as earth (or mud!) so it could remain quiet. She lived there as a spinster for many years and luckily was away when the Great Floods of 1953 occurred.

Sadly she became ill in 1964 and came to live with us in London until she died in 1967 aged 86. Very very happy memories of an unspoilt island with steam trains to Benfleet and massive traffic jams every Bank holiday with the railway level crossing and the lifting bridge on to the island being well used for boats.

Wick Cottage c1961
Alex Green
Miss Edith Wastie Green taken about 1961
Alex Green

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  • It was lovely to read about your great aunt Miss Edith Wastie Green. How lucky she was to have lived in such a quirky abode.

    By Cia Parker (06/12/2011)
  • I remember Miss Green very well as a lovely neighbour when I was a child. I used to play with Alex and his brother when they stayed with her on some holidays. I remember we once tied some string from our bedroom windows across ad passed messages in a matchbox. Alex and his brother, was it Christopher, always had to have a rest after Lunch for an hour.

    By Brian Jarrald (02/08/2013)

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